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Why waste electricity for heating water when there is plenty of sunlight available in your country?

Most of the households spend 60% of their utility power on heating water and it may burn a hole in their pockets.

Expenditure on utility bill is ever increasing and each unit of utility power we are buying from conventional grid is making our mother earth dirty.

Don’t worry, we have solutions for you that will spin your energy meter counter wise and at the same time your footprint will be greener rather than carbon black.

DIDAS Solar Water Heating Systems is the coolest solution for your Hot Water Requirement.

DIDAS Solar Water Heaters based on Flat Plate Collectors are reliable and trouble free.

· System capacity available 100 Liters /Day (LPD) to 30,000 LPD

· Available in standard models and customized models to suite customers specific need.

· Hot water temperature available from 60 deg Celsius to 80 deg Celsius.

· Minimum maintenance is required.

· Reduce water heating bill drastically.

· Suitable for HARD WATER also.

· Hot water available at late night and early in the morning.

· Optional Electrical Heating Element is available for cloudy days.


We at DIDAS are specialist in the field of solar water heating and number one solution provider  in any kind of solar water heating. We have wide range of solar water heaters. Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) and Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) based systems are available starting from 100 Liters/day to any large capacity.


Italian design – screw less construction for durability