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Solar Rooftop Power

Solar Rooftop Power

If you are paying hefty amount of utility bill consider solar grid-tied rooftop power generator.
Business entities are liable to get 80% accelerated depreciation in the first year. That implies substantial tax savings that finally reduces capital cost of the system.

Installed system capacity should be 90% of your power consumption.

To get net metering facility you have to install at least 5kW Solar rooftop system.


Make your own electricity on your rooftop. Solar rooftop power generator works like a silent power generator. No fuel is required only sunshine is enough. All components will work for 25 years and after that 80% of its rated capacity will be delivered.

This kind of system is called Grid-tied Solar power generator. It does not require any storage battery for energy storage instead power generated on the rooftop is instantly sold to power utility company. So you are only paying the difference between the amount of power you consumed and the amount you sold.